Ara Chackerian: Thought Leader on Sustainability and Healthcare Advances

Ara Chackerian has been quoted in recent publications regarding his revolutionary stance on ways that we can increase sustainability and make the planet a cleaner and better place for everyone to inhabit. He has been involved in marketing ideas related to using technology to assist with forestry and wildlife management. His ideas are so well-received among environmentalists and business leaders alike because they do not require the business community to sacrifice growth in order to implement them.

Ara Chackerian has been a thought leader in the healthcare field as well. He brings extensive experience in a variety of leadership roles to the industry and is always full of new ideas. Chackerian formerly served as Executive Vice President of Research and Development for Health Diagnostics, LLC. He now serves as a Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, which helps new technology companies in the healthcare field launch and attract fellow investors. He actively seeks out new opportunities to get behind trends in medicine that will allow him to help as many people as possible obtain treatment for life-altering conditions.

Chackerian is perhaps most recognized for his significant contributions to treating depression through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). This therapy is directed towards patients who have previously been unsuccessful in treating their depression through either talk therapy or medication. What is particularly exciting about the possibilities with TMS therapy is that it can be used in combination with other medication and is already producing laudable results. In his work as a co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions, Chackerian is constantly finding ways to increase public awareness of the potential that TMS therapy has to offer for those who may have been overwhelmed or defeated by the lack of workable options for treating their depression.

Right now, Chackerian is primarily focused on increasing access to TMS therapy, which includes educating both the public and doctors about its uses. Ever since Ara Chackerian teamed up with Dr. Richard Bermudas to explore the possibilities for providing TMS therapy to the general population, he realized that outpatient treatment options for psychiatric issues has been lacking across the country. This is why he decided to focus on device based treatment options, which he hopes will help patients feel more empowered to take charge of their mental and physical health.

When asked about what he sees on the horizon for the healthcare field, Chackerian thinks that there are major gains to be made in finding ways to connect primary care providers with behavioral therapists. He cites advances in the area of wearable healthcare apps in helping behavioral therapists monitor changes in their patients’ daily routines and movements so that they can be more proactive in intervening before major depressive symptoms take hold. Wearable healthcare devices and other bio-monitoring apps are able to analyze data according to algorithms that provide an alert when a patient’s behavior or vital signs deviate from their norm. This information could be invaluable in bridging the gap between primary care healthcare and behavioral therapies.

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