Top 5 Certified Mobile App Testing Service Providers in 2022

The mobile app has brought revolution in the digital world. Now, people can order cloths, electronics, book an appointment, consult a professional doctor, and do a plenty of things on their Android as well as iOS phone via user-friendly and intuitive application.

It can serve the purpose for almost all industries, including healthcare, education, electronics, E-commerce, beauty, fitness, restaurants and much more. Businesses are heading towards developing compatible and bug-free applications for mobile device.

Being a competitive field, make sure you release the mobile app after going through proper testing processes. If your app is slow or not engaging, then customers don’t wish to stay on it. They will start looking for better options as an alternative. So make sure you run the mobile app through the testing process and fix the detected bugs as soon as possible.

Here is the list of top 5 certified mobile application testing service providers companies that offer the best solution to help you launch the best product in the market.

Top 5 Certified Mobile App Testing Service Providers Companies in 2022

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1.  Global App Testing

Headquarter: London, UK

The company  has a pool o f highly trained engineers and QA testers who can take your mobile testing experience to the next level. They will instantly and efficiently find the bugs that can impact your uses and let you release the best version in the market.

A team at Global App Testing strive to nurture healthy relationships with a development team to deliver exceptional quality of products within a given timeframe. They can help you alleviate risk and boost your ROI in a short time span. Professional testers can even prioritise and fix the critical issues before the final release in an emergency basis.

You can leverage the performance testing, functionality testing, usability testing and security testing services to get the most out of your application. Testing with real users on real devices around the world is their forte.

For more details or to avail their service, you can contact the customer care team and get a free quote today.

2.  QAwerk

Headquarter: Kyiv, Ukraine

QAwerk takes immense pride in delivering flawless mobile app testing experience to the people across the world. From iOS app testing to Android App testing, you will get everything in a package at the best price.

The QA team has years of experience in iPhone, iPad and Android application testing and will find out the real issues in no time. Our experts use the cutting-edged techniques in the process to offer you the best product that can represent your business.

The company has got expertise in manual as well as automated testing, integration and compatibility testing, Acceptance and performance testing, reliability, security and load testing so that you can fix the issues before releasing the product.

They offer reasonable and transparent pricing policy. You can contact them and get a free quote for QA outsource.

3.  Testlio

Headquarter: San Francisco, CA

Testing a mobile application has become the need of an hour for all businesses who have their services and products applications. They have to ensure that their apps are running without any bugs or performance issues.

Testlio is one of the leading companies offering customised mobile app testing solutions using proven techniques and advanced tools. The company has a huge network of thousands of professional mobile application testers across the globe. They work religiously and focus on achieving targeted goals to give you satisfactory results.

Highly-trained professionals can test in any location, in any language and on any device. You can access through the reporting features on the go and send it to the development team to fix the issue before launching it into the market.

4.  iBeta

Headquarter: Colorado, USA

iBeta specialises in testing  all types of mobile applications, designed for android and iOS devices. The professional testing team takes pride in testing the functionality, user experience, usability, security and compatibility of an application for its better position in the market.

They adapt the latest techniques, use innovative approach and always focus on identifying necessary bugs and report them to the development team as quickly as possible.

iBeta is known for using real devices instead of emulators to  test the compatibility of your application on variety of hardware, OS, and browser versions.

5.  Qualitest Group

Headquarter: Fairfield, Connecticut

The company is backed by 1000 to 5000 professionals and can help you launch the best quality of product in the market for better sales and ROI. Qualitest Group offers one of the best mobile app testing solutions using physical devices to check the performance, usability, compatibility and security.

Finding critical issues and gaining a real-world perspective is the forte of this organization. They can help you save time, money and energy to a great extend so that you can pay attention to the aspects that can help you grow the business in this competitive world.

The testing engineers can meet the increasing expectations of mobile app users by giving them a bug-free product.

If you are interested in availing their QA testing service, contact the professionals and get a quote instantly.


Finding the right mobile app testing company is a daunting task. You have to check their background and other aspects to choose the best option depending on your specific needs, budget and other aspects. Hopefully, this article has helped you in determining the best company for your mobile app testing needs so that you can get the best quality of service at the most affordable price.

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