15 Important Skills That Every Software Tester Must Learn

A renowned computer scientist and testing expert – Jerry (Gerald) Weinberg once said that  “If you are not learning something new each day, you are not testing”. This statement holds nothing but truth especially in a time when the technology, agile and DevOps methodologies are evolving day by day and the accelerated development, as well

Chatbot Development Tips and Considerations

In this modern age, chatbots have helped in reducing customer service costs while improving the user experience. The bot solutions are backed by powerful Artificial Intelligence technology and this can automate the percentage of inquiries, facilitate self-service, reduce wait times, and free up human agents. Basically, with the evolution of AI technologies, chatbots have started

How to Convert PSD to Magento: A Comprehensive Guide

Creating an online business has become the biggest trend! As the world is getting connected with devices, such as computers and mobile phones, businesses are also converting themselves to profit shares.  Also, this conversion results in eCommerce business growth. Moreover, with the emergence of eCommerce, the PSD to Magento Conversion has come out as the

The Importance of Digital Marketing Strategy for Smaller Companies

Marketing relies on understanding your client’s requirements by producing, communicating, providing, and exchanging offerings that’s value for clients and clients. Digital marketing is any kind of promotion which requires the usage of digital apparatus that could be offline or online, digital advertising attract all kind of promotion through the digital device it may be on

7 Crucial Design Tips For Mobile Websites

It is possible that you are not updated with Google’s latest algorithm regarding the website it is also known as”Mobilegeddon,” which punished websites that weren’t mobile-friendly. Alright, I might misrepresent a little. However, Google rolled out this update on April 21, 2018, which penalized any website that needed mobile-friendly pages by decreasing the webpage’s positioning

How Managed Service Provider Can Boost Your Business Growth

Information technology plays a vital role in business operations. Efficient IT infrastructure management is critical to encourage critical functions forward. Managed IT services can help in this matter. IT requirements continue to grow, and this is a place to partner with managed service providers to be necessary. It helps you facilitate various processes in the

Mobile Apps Bringing Change in eCommerce Market

What if there were no shopping apps? It sounds scary, right? That’s the level of consumption of mobile apps in our daily lives. We are pretty much dependent on them, and one of the reasons is shopping convenience. Customer demands are changing, and they are bringing an upsurge in the mobile app development industry. As

How to Start an eCommerce Business in Crisis Time?

Are you considering starting an eCommerce business? Then there is no better time than present to do so. Before you reject that statement, consider this. A crisis is actually an opportunity in disguise. Online businesses have been quietly superseding physical stores for quite some time now. Having an online platform for your business might have

8 Simple Steps for a Successful Brand Building Process

A sophisticated logo or a well-broadcasted advertisement does not make ones brand trustable. So to build a trusted brand you need to work hard and earn the respect and reliability of your customers. Generally, customers prefer a recognizable brand or some brand that they are already familiar with that is why brands that have been

What is Software Development Life Cycle?

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) The software development life cycle (SDLC) is a key piece of data innovation rehearses in the present undertaking world. SDLC has experienced numerous progressions and advanced all through the times of large information, cloud conveyance, and AI/ML robotization, yet it is as yet a key system for understanding the conveyance