How to Convert PSD to Magento: A Comprehensive Guide

Creating an online business has become the biggest trend!

As the world is getting connected with devices, such as computers and mobile phones, businesses are also converting themselves to profit shares.  Also, this conversion results in eCommerce business growth.

PSD to Magento

Moreover, with the emergence of eCommerce, the PSD to Magento Conversion has come out as the conventional method.

Magento is the word that comes to everyone’s mind, either technical or non-technical while thinking of creating an online store. It has maintained its position as the most favored website development platform for eCommerce, regardless of huge competition and due to the easily accessible, creating, and maintaining feature.

PSD to Magento Conversion Services takes care of the method of editing and customizing the eCommerce store and assists in creating a flexible and responsive shopping store.  Nowadays, PSD to Magento Conversion Service provider is preferred by end-client and start-ups themselves and every kind and size of business. It provides unique features that assist the business website to win on different factors.

How is PSD to Magento Conversion Services Beneficial?

Compliant Content Management System

Despite the type, size, and kind of eCommerce store you own, it is simple to create a website in Magento. It is incomparable and unusual to other eCommerce systems.

Open Source

Magento is an easy-to-use, open-source platform and you do not need to pay much to it. You can download themes and templates without paying extra fees.

Customize Security Permissions

Magento offers a secure and safe online environment as it is CAPTCHA-equipped and saves you from undesired violations. However, it helps in the payment system in a faster and protected way.

Saves Money and time

Magento has a large library of free custom extensions that saves time; you do not need to begin from scratch.

High-level Magento SEO

Magento is SEO-friendly and the online business presence is handled by Magento because it lets the products have a better chance to be in the top ranking of search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google. It improves website visibility that later results in improved sales.

Spacious and Powerful

Magento supports approximately 500,000 products on a single website, and because of its storage capacity, it offers excellent performance.

Responsive Configuration

Magento Shopping carts are simply viewable on mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets easily and quickly.

Checklist for PSD To Magento

To carry out the conversion of PSD to Magento, it is demanded to follow the agile methodology and use adequate tools. Below is the checklist that encompasses the things needed to complete the process.


At first, you have to examine the presence of the Favicon and Logo combination using the placeholder images. The process cannot get started without this.

Sliced PSD

Sliced PSD is a unique file of PSD. The sliced components can be used in the Magento theme. To have a remarkable website page, you have to use a particular theme.


Store the font files when you are using the custom fonts on the website.

Development Environment

Before beginning the conversion process, it is required to create the Magento Development Environment suitably for the localhost server. You require an HTML editor for creating the code.

The above-mentioned are the essential aspects that you have to perform for converting PSD to Magento efficiently.

Steps for Converting PSD to Magento

When it is about PSD to Magento Conversion process in an accurate way, then, efforts and time are needed.  You do not require some specific type of service; all you have to do is to follow the below quick and easy steps to get it done right.

Prepare the PSD files

The first and foremost step in PSD to Magento Conversion is to prepare the PSD file that you can do with the assistance of Adobe Photoshop (an image editing software). Create it as per the preferences and assure that you are taking care of the color and the logo that requires it to be integrated.

In addition, it is highly advised to make an outline so that the process becomes easy for you to carry out.

Slicing PSD in Layers

Next,  is to slice the PSD in the layers that is one of the major parts of the PSD to Magento conversion process. In this step, the static design of PSD is categorized into several parts where encoding them is possible and easier. Leverage the surgical precision for this purpose and save the components as PSD files.

CSS/HTML conversion of PSD

After strongly slicing the PSD into layers, the further step in the conversion process of PSD to Magento is changing the static PSD file to the CSS and HTML formats where the sliced images are then coded to the HTML markup. Here, assure that you include the styles to the images with the CSS help. After the process completion, save the file as index.html and style.css whereas you are coding with CSS and HTML respectively.

Adding the HTML and CSS code into the Magento theme

The next step for converting PSD to Magento theme is to combine the HTML markups to the Magento platform. Perform this with the below steps:

Integrating HTML files to Magento

  • Navigate to the Magento Admin page.
  • Select “Content”-> “Elements”->”Pages”.
  • Go to the page where you like to integrate HTML in the edit mode.
  • Move the mouse on the HTML container and then, select the “settings” icon from the “toolbox”.
  • Copy the HTML code; paste it to the “text box”.
  • Select the “Save” button.

Integrating CSS files to Magento

  • Move to “Content”-> “Design”-> “Configuration”.
  • From the “action” tab, click on the “edit” button.
  • Integrate the CSS file in “/app/design/frontend/<Seller>/<Name_of_theme>/web/css/source/local.css”
  • From the Magento root directory, run the clear cache command.

Integrating data and testing the store

Now, it is the final step of the process of the PSD to Magento Conversion, and here, you have to integrate the suitable data in the store that has all the pricing, images, categories, and products and the suitable description in the eCommerce stores.

Additional Information

You have to examine various aspects such as the compatibility of the themes on web browsers and different devices, call to action (CTA), functioning of navigation, content loading, and many more.

Those who are beginners or do not have an understanding of coding can hire the PSD to Magento developer to complete the conversion process quickly. The professionals have the responsibility to convert the process error-free and efficiently, indeed, quality does not hamper as well.

Cost of PSD To Magento Conversion

Certainly, there is not an exact assessment of the cost of PSD to Magento Conversion, however, it depends on many factors. It might range from some dollars to hundreds and thousands of dollars according to the complexity included, webpage needs, type of feature, and additional features involved. Besides, the cost may differ according to the Magento website development service you pick.

Concluding Remarks

Above are the critical steps for the complete PSD to Magento Conversion process. Also, you can perform them all seamlessly to get the most from the website.

There are many PSD to Magento Conversion Services, however, most of them, either take a lot of money and time to spend on. For the same, you might also need a Magento ecommerce development company to assure conversion agility. Or, if you want to prefer to do it all by yourself, then, the above steps are here to give you help. Follow them and convert the process adequately!

Let us know how you liked this article, if there are some queries or suggestions, then, do let us know. If you already have converted the PSD to Magento then share your experience with us.

Thanks for reading!

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