Top 10 Certified React JS Development Companies

React JS is an open-source JavaScript library used for developing user interfaces for single-page applications. It is used to manage the view layer for both web and mobile applications. This allows React JS developers to build reusable UI components and create huge web applications.

With the contact evolution of web technologies, businesses are heading towards developing mobile-based applications for their end-users. This has increased the demand for React JS development services.

If you want to represent your business in the most engaging and professional manner, then hire a trained, experienced, and dedicated React JS developer.

We bring you the list of the top 10 companies that can help you make the right decision for your next web or mobile app project.

Top 10 Certified React JS Development Companies

1. OpenGeeksLab


  • OpengeeksLab builds apps that hit the charts, real value for users & make money. The company got expertise in building user interactive for all types of applications using React JS.
  • They create custom solutions in vast business areas. They have 15+ years’ experience.
  • They provide web & mobile development like Blockchain development, React Native, Javascript, NodeJS, Umbraco & many more.
  • The company has some world-renowned clients, including The Hub, Nimble, Magra, SolarHome & many more.

2. GroupBWT

  • GroupBWT is one of the best React JS development companies in the world.
  • They offer customized solutions according to your specific needs & estimated budget. They help small businesses succeed, maximize profits & minimize expenses.
  • They offering web development services with the help of 40+ professionals. Front-end web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React JS, Vue.JS), Back-end development (PHP, Laravel, Python, Scrapy, NodeJS, MongoDB, MySQL), Integrated Systems & many more- we have a pool of web development professionals.
  • The company has some of the best clients, such as World Health Organization, BCG, Simba Sleep & many more.

3. S-PRO


  • S-pro is a consulting & software development partner, offering one of the best React JS development solutions at the best price.
  • The company is best known for its revamped internal processes, customer care services, and user-interactive web development projects.
  • They work with public companies to provide great features like Discovery Workshops, MVP Development, Digital transformation, New product development & many more.
  • They have some of world-renowned clients, such as MeterQubes, TSO Chinese Delivery, PolarPro & many more.

4. 7EDGE


  • 7edge is one of the best React JS development companies.
  • They have several businesses with the implementation processes required for digital transformation like UI / UX Design, Web Application Development, NodeJS, React JS, Mobile Application Development, Android Application Development.
  • They have some of the world-renowned clients IBM, Facebook, Infosys, World Class, Arrow, Himagiri Group & many more.


  • Spec India is specialized in Web & Mobile App Development, Automation & Security Testing, Software Development, and Legacy Software Migration services.
  • They are renowned for their quality services to development centers, global customers, innovative onshore.
  • The company provides technology consulting & product engineering to enterprises like Custom Software Development, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics & many more.
  • They have some of the best clients, such as Adani Group, Pepsico, Hitachi, Exide, Colgate, Centryply & many more.

6. OpenXcell

  • Openxcell is one of the best React JS development companies. They emphasise more on the new ideas & cutting-edge web technologies while developing websites, web, and mobile applications.
  • They provide React JS development solutions to both small & medium businesses like Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web & eCommerce Solution, Big Data Analytics, AI & ML Machine Learning & many more.
  • They have some of the best clients, such as Motorola, Unilever, Google India, American Express, Pedigree, Alorica& many more.

7. AllianceTek


  • Alliance Tek is one of the leading React JS development companies.
  • Delivering quality outcomes for years, the company has gained a reputation of being one of the best web development companies across the world.
  • They deliver cost-effective solutions to their clients with the best level of services. The key services are Enterprise-class business applications and solutions, Mobile and web application Development, Custom CRM solutions, Business process automation & many more.
  • They have some of the world – renowned clientsGENPACT, Royal Bank of Canada, Cox Communications, Pacific Life Global, Reliance Standard Life Insurance& many more.

8. Light IT

  • Light is driven by the desire to achieve mobile software & innovative web solutions for enterprises & startups. They have delivered 400 + solutions for companies from Canada, Japan, Europe, & many others.
  • They deliver the best in class and intuitive like Mobile development, Web development, IT Consulting, Design solutions & many more.
  • They have some of the world-renowned clients RampEX, FastCoinExchange, Simpatra, Top20Talent & many more.

9. Powercode

  • Powercode is considered to be among the top 10 Reactjd development companies.
  • They offer the best services like Native Mobile Development, Web Development, Cross-platform Mobile Development, Business Analysis & many more.
  • They have some of the world-renowned clients United Nations, Level up, Web Development Day & many more.

10. Brights

  • Brights create custom solutions in vast business areas. They have 8+ years of experience.
  • They provide Mobile development, Web development, UI/UX design, QA & Testing, Internet of Things, AR & ML, DevOps & many more.
  • They have some of the best clients, such as Microsoft, Samsung, McDonald’s & many more.


These are the best 10 React JS development companies. You can search more and make the right decision depending on your specific needs and estimated budget.

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