7 Upcoming Best Android Video Games in 2021

Best Android Video Games

A topic that every year is read with an incredible amount of excitement and thrill. No longer is there an age or gender perspective on having an indulgence in video games. As it is seen to be well received with the same energy by its diverse audience. In specific this post will cover the most awaited upcoming android games that have and will be presented in the year 2021. Android games don’t stick to a genre but have various categories of games developed such as strategic, racing, action, and many others.

Last year they were few defining games released by android which concise of Stardew Valley, Alto’s Odyssey, and Fortnite. App development Texasearlier when on to state that “These were just a few games developed by android that elevated the thrill for gamers across the globe and the bar is expected to continue and increase even more in the present year of 2019. After extensive and comprehensive research carried out this post was compiled to present a few of the best and most awaited upcoming android games.

Here is the list of the games that gamers around the globe are eagerly anticipating for the launch of these android games:

1-   Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is based on Nintendo’s classic kart racing series. It is eagerly anticipated due to its simple control features that relatively anyone can get used to with ease. Mario Kart Tour offers grand stars on completion of each race which is distributed in the form of up to five trophies that can be availed. One the achievement of attaining a substantial amount of grand stars they are gifts such as gems and emeralds that can be used to unlocked exclusive gliders, drivers and karts. It was predicted to be released this year in the summer but it was delayed and is expected to be launched in this year somewhere between July and September.

2-   Gears Pop

Gear Pop is an android game that is next on our list for the prime features that it has to present such as having real-time multiple players having a go at each other on the battlefield which is all residing in the universe of Gear. Though it also has the integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) opponents which is used to test out the new squads and strategies presented in Gear Pop. It is provided with approximately 30 characters in the game which can be used by the gamers to build their squad by assembling and upgrading their iconic gears of war heroes and villains. The introductory pact has already been released in few countries while nothing is confirmed on when it will be officially launched globally.

3-   Pokémon Master

As many must have already guessed yes it is a new take on the series. Pokémon Master is relatively different from the previous series as in this the new featuring curve is that no longer as the players in search of Pokémon rather they are in the lookout for the Trainers. Presenting in Pokémon Master is that each trainer has a Pokémon with who they share a very special bond. To win it is crucial to comprise a team of 3 exceptional trainers to win the Pokémon Master League tournament which will be taking place on the island of Paso.

4-   Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is a game that is being worked on by Microsoft which is a new AR (Augmented Reality) mobile game that will be adaptable on both iOS devices and Android phones. Through the information provided to us from their official website goes forth to state that the players would be able to build structures with the help of other players while placing them in the real world at life-size. Such an experience can be built with the assistance of your player friends or while being teamed up with others to take on small adventures together. The players of Minecraft Earth will be provided with the option to breed unique mob variants which can further be used to populate their builds. Minecraft Earth will be free to play title with in-game items which will require to be purchased.

5-   Shadowgun War Games

This upcoming game of Shadowgun War Games will be adaptable on iOS devices, android, and Nintendo Switch. Shadowgun War Games has got its name from Madfinger Games featuring it to have a competitive multiplayer shooter in the Shadowrun universe. Shadowgun War Games features characters from the popular game series of 5v5 Capture and Flag Battles. The game is exciting as it said to have various characters with improvised abilities and weapons while the player has to strategically plan out the battle with the assistance of their teammates in order to win. The exact release date for the games hasn’t been announced yet.

6-   Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of duty is a shooting game that can cater to multiple players. The game will demand at least five multiplayer modes which will be free for each of them. From the very initiate day, the title will allow the players to feature a battle royale mode which would support up to a hundred players per match. The player would be allowed to play in first or then in the third person that will allow picking a class before every battle that takes place. Call of duty: Mobile is already live and released in certain countries which also includes India.

7-   Bad North

The game Bad North is largely based on strategy and positioning. The game presents a minimal graphic resolution with a beautiful strategic play-out. The player is provided with an empire who is given the role of a prince who has to protect its territory from Vikings who constantly are trying to invade it. The player is provided with an army that has to be used extremely calculus and wisely to flee these Vikings away. As you successfully conquer territory and win you are advanced to the next level which a new island with a whole new layout that requires to be rescued by your tactical movements and battle plan.

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