DesignCap Review: An Effective Helper to Create Eye-catching Posters


Do you want to promote particular products or events? Do you want to advertise online or are you looking for a program to make professional-looking posters?

The poster is considered one of the most effective ways to attract customer attention because they are:

  • Reach a wide audience
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to produce

But making a persuasive poster is not easy for non-designer and hiring a designer to create the poster is an expense. That’s why we bring you serviceable poster maker DesignCap to assist you.

DesignCap is free online poster design tool made to help you with all themes design dramatic and brilliant posters and flyers easily and quickly.

How to make a poster with DesignCap in three steps?

1. Pick Your Favorest Poster Templates

DesignCap poster maker provides you with hundreds of templates to give you inspiration that helps you where to start. All these templates will satisfy your needs including all themes advertising, sale, wedding, sports, holiday and event. Also you can readjust the elements in the template you choose.

2. Customize Your Poster with an Extensive Elements and Resources

To further enrich your poster, you can add and adjust DesignCap massive elements including clipart images, photos, shapes, fonts and backgrounds at your will. Beside these considerable
resources DesignCap provided, you can import your Facebook photo to design your distinctive poster.

3. Save and Download your posters

After completing your work, you would find how easy and quick to make a poster with DesignCap without registration. And the only thing you need to save and download your poster & flyer feel free to share DesignCap on your social media.


DesignCap is an entirely free and easy-to-use online tool without registration and download. It is born to help you achieve your promoting events by the poster, and you are free to make an impressive poster from design learning required. Check out their website at DesignCap and see exactly what they have to offer.

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