How To Make A Professional Logo Design Within A Week

Professional Logo Design

The shell, the popular swoosh or the famous golden arches. Almost anyone in the world can far more easily remember these all signs or designs just like the lyrical words of ice baby. These all designs are nothing but the identity of all these designs’ bearing companies. They are their logo. If you can think they are the tramp-stamp. A unique or distinctive symbol or icon of any entity, brand, service, publication, idea, object or person which best depicts the company’s and aids to spread its message to their customers, existing or potential, in the relevant market or industry.

You might be thinking that this would rather be easy and simple to make or craft a logo, but it certainly not. To craft a memorable or remarkable logo which hits the aimed mark is near to impossible. Until you have a mind reader or, rather, lose the grip of your mind. So to help to quicken the process of your mind reading, I think it would definitely be wise to divide or share with you the process or procedure in terms of the design making of the logo for the client called resume bear.


It all depends upon the approach as to how you take it, the custom logo design service will determine your mood. It is highly likely that you have a hint related to whimsy or a very serious tone, perhaps. But, think as if your client or demographic wants to have a flavor of something related to both.

There exist a serious danger to move towards one extreme as compared to another while you are designing the logo for your logo design service. This is a tattoo of the company and has its own performance level. Yes, quite like a U2 music sense, the brand will deviate from its style just by polishing its edges, bringing in a shadow, or providing it a brand new twist to remain on top of the current or running time. But many a time, the company would go on to keep its existing image just to remain connected to its customers who are longstanding and loyal as well as future customers. It all comes down to the mood which will most probably remain the same. Does it bring to you a smile? Does it take you to the coziness mood inside out? Does the logo feel like it is trustworthy enough? Or it does nothing as far as yourself is concerned?

Research is always the key. And it is always being said.

First of all, you should ask bazillion of questions to your client. This will help to clear the misconceptions. And through getting the answer of the 1,342nd question, it is possible that you come across the information that you did not even think in your wildest of dreams which now on the pinnacle to figure out your blackboard of planning. It will never annoy to ask so many questions. However, it would hurt to provide the client 14 to 15 logos and throw the ball in their court. Just because asking millions of question is not a good idea.

Second thing is to search or figure out the client’s taste. Ask them what they like about professional logo designs and why? What if the logo you are making forces them to move? Some clients, on this type of subjects, will have a plethora in their minds. They will definitely aid you to create and develop an understanding of what really are their expectations from you. While some clients will definitely have no clue as to what their likings are. They just want to get their required job done. This the point where you find yourself in a comfort zone about what the client’s wishes are.

In my opinion, if you look in your environment, you will definitely find something. Something which gives the direction of the professional logo design service in terms of look, feel and style. So this exercise of looking around will force your head to plan in a certain way. This will ultimately save some precious time of yours which can be utilized in some other stuff to ponder about. You do not require to reinvent the whole wheel here. Think this as a test of Rorschach. Keep the logo on hold and ask, what are your feelings now? What are you seeing?


The logo you just crafted might be great, but it is not the game over. If you find yourself lucky enough to design a perfect logo as per the client, it will not take you far if it is in the closet with a closed door. Therefore it is vital to ask the client the purpose of the designed logo. Are they planning to use this logo in on a business or stamp card, initially? Or they have the plan to further utilize it on the website and their letterhead as well. Plus are they preparing to take the logo to another level by branding it on all sides of the building’s four walls, t-shirts, and cars? Also, think it as a company related to snowboard. There are bright chances that they will wish your designed logo on their new spiffy snowboard designs. Even they might attach the logo into their gloves and hats.

In the particular case of Resume Bar, they wanted to have the logo displayed on their business cards, website, and letterhead. They also wanted the logo printed on water bottles, pens and to provide them to college pupils for the purpose of brand promotion. This proves that the logo should have a cool look.

It also gives the lesson that a logo should be legible as well. It does not mean textually legible. Legible means that the logo must be easily readable regardless of where it is printed. People are going towards the habit of less reading unless it is the book of Harry Potter. Therefore the logo should be legible enough to get just at a glance.

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