The Future of Web Design in 2018

Are you curious to know the predicted web design trends for 2018? Last year was pretty much about bespoke illustrations, web animations, conversational interfaces, micro interactions, design prints and a lot more. It was wonderful to be a part of a growing web design industry because the designers have been leveraging new-age technologies to get the most out their potential.

Undoubtedly, these trends are expected to grow in 2018. Experts believe that the future of web design in this year would be amazing. There will be more defined trends in the web design world and professional designers would bring more innovations in their work. Though there will be a subtle change, still we are expecting some outstanding evolvement in the web design industry.

Let’s have a look what experts are predicting the future of web design for 2018:

1. The debut of Variable Fonts

All the experts be it a web designer, strategist or industry leader, everyone is making the speculation that variable fonts is going to be the biggest web design trends in 2018.

Both the browser and OS level are in the support of variable fonts and even the market is looking for expansion in the available typefaces. That leads to the tremendous change in how designers design the websites. In this particular type, you can use any weight or width you want in your design.

In simple terms, variable fonts allow you to tweak the character width for different screen sizes and languages to provide readable length and text grade for smooth user experience.

2. More Bold Colors

In the last few years, we have seen a huge growth in the use of dark and bold colors across different digital platforms. Whether it’s a branding scheme or slider or banner, the use of adventurous colors have been doing pretty good in an existing market.

There are many new tools that will help in finding more innovative ways of using different colors in to web design projects. In fact, it will be interesting to see how this trend will tune up with the customization and personalization aspects while creating unique experiences for web users.

3. A Glimpse of AR/VR Technology

2018 is going be a turning year for new-age technologies such as AR and VR. It is one of the best technologies for giving highly-impressive visual experience to the web customers.

Both the technologies are perfect for reflecting a blend of both the real world and visual imagination and we are expecting that web designers will use it in creating new-age websites from mobile gaming, apps, etc.

3. Introduction of Creative Layouts

Since more than 70 percent of people accessing the web CSS Grid compatible layout and layout-specific properties such as Flexbox, it is expected to see more creative layouts in the web world. Such layouts uses innovative graphic design concepts such as overlap and vertical whitespace. And the best part about Creative layouts that they will still look dynamic when it appears on old browsers.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Voice user interfaces and chatbots were played a vital role in 2017 and we are expecting that this trend will become even more powerful in 2018. There will be more innovation in the artificial intelligence trend. More interactive tools will be there in the web design world to give better user experiences to the end web users.

Artificial Intelligence will be the future of web design in the next coming years.

5. The Bend of Data and Design

Yes, this is going to be the biggest trends in 2018. The concept of bringing design and data together will amaze everyone.

What of the user experience will be determined after collecting and utilizing the user data and analytics to make the designer more personalized? This will be amazing to see how designers will use the personal data of users to design a customized website.

This trend will be all about user experiences because the ultimate fun will begin when users start getting connected to the design.


These are the 5 most expected trends that would become the future of the web design in 2018. You can explore more and let us know in our comment box. We are looking forward to it!

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