How to Build An Effective Landing Page that Converts?

Optimizing an E-commerce landing page is very important to create a perfect user experience. The more engaging, informative, and simple your buyer’s journey is, the more conversions you’re likely to observe. A buyer never navigates further, if it founds the landing page dull and boring to explore. A landing page leaves an everlasting impression on the buyer’s mind. Hence, if the landing page of the e-commerce store is not alluring, then it might not entertain your potential audience to make a purchase. Remember the landing page should deliver clear and compact information to the visitors that engage them with the products and takes them to the checkout page. A properly optimized landing page increases the return on social media campaigns, email newsletters, organic search, and paid ads.

If you are unaware of what it requires to build an effective landing page for the E-commerce website, then read on to know about it:

1. Keep Design Simple

From a user’s point, it is important to have a properly structured landing page having all essential information to create user interest. Most of the website owners want to integrate all important details on the landing page and simply add too many details in terms of flashy designs and vibrant colors. But, this is not a great way and should be avoided for better results. Keep it simple with clear and compact information.

2. Make Mobile Responsive Landing Page

With the immense growth in mobile technology, most of the people prefer performing daily activities through their Smartphones and Tablets. People use phones for online shopping, reading reviews, browsing social channels and banking operations. It is, therefore, very much crucial nowadays that you build a mobile-friendly landing page for better results. A mobile-friendly landing page will increase the conversion rate changes on your online store. Easy navigation on the landing page will drive more users to the online store. This will build interest of the user to sign up and make a hassle-free payment.

3. Product Image

The product high-quality image is the core element of your landing page. Images that are of good resolution and less size is very essential to engage buyers. Do some efforts to make an ordinary product picture extraordinary. Display the product in a dynamic way that describes the method to use it and encourages the visitor to make a purchase. The more eye-catching the product image is, the better the user connects it with the real-life scenario. In fact, how appropriately you display the product can have a big impact on the conversions. 360-degree product views are in the trend these days.

4. Product Zoom

One large issue users experience about shopping online is the item they have purchased is not seen and felt in person. The landing page must have clear and personal views of the products. It is important to provide users proper feel regarding the product to overcome the user’s hesitation about buying the product and not getting a comprehensive sense of the item. The resolution, quality, and completeness of the image are very crucial to the buyers. In addition to the product zoom feature, you can offer 360-degree product views. Giving a provision of 360-degree view will result in a good increase in the conversions. Make sure the customer has every view of the product for better conversion rate.

5. Call to Action

Another way to build a better landing page for the website is to include some catchy call to action (CTA). They usually prompt visitors to perform an action as it depends on the website requirements. If you need information regarding existing customers or new ones, then simply ask them to sign up with the required details. You can just ask for the e-mail address and then you can share news, promotional offers and discount details on their respective email id in the future. Include a ‘Learn More’ button that will direct the customers to know about the products you are selling or a short introductory video.

Creating an attractive E-commerce website landing page seems easy, but it requires a lot of details. The above-discussed tips, might help you to know and incorporate the essential points in your website’s landing page.


When it is about optimizing the E-commerce landing pages, it’s important to remember that these web pages are more sale-oriented rather than the ordinary product page. Keep your pages engaging and focused on growing sales and revenue over clicks and views, and you’ll be directed down the right path.

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