Know About Applications & Features of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of application with the help of which people in the office can manage many types of files and documents. Users can buy the software and then have to pay subscription fees, which can be either on a monthly basis or on yearly basis. If a user wants to try the suite, a 30-day trial is also available. An individual or a business can also buy Office 2019, which is a smaller suite in comparison to Office 365. But in Office 365, the customer will get regular updates, which is not the case with Office 2019. Here is the list of applications that are present in Office 365.


Microsoft Word is word processing software, which can be installed on PC, mobiles, and web. Not many new features are added in the software but still, it is very popular due to its present features. The software has a ribbon in which various features can be found in different tabs and can be used easily. A new feature called Tell Me is added through which users can get the help of using various features of Word.


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application, which users can use to store data, create graphs, perform various types of calculations and can do a lot more. The application has a ribbon interface through which users can use various functions and features of the application.


Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to create various types of presentations and users can import graphs from Excel. Animations can be added to the slides and the slides themselves can be animated.


OneNote can be used to make notes. It is added in Office 365 but son will be phased out. It helps a user to note down anything in a digital form.


Outlook can be used to configure emails and users can get all their emails from their email account into Outlook.


OneDrive is one of the new additions in Office 365. OneDrive helps to sync the files from any device. Any file dropped here is loaded on Cloud and a user can view it whenever he likes. Users can keep a copy of the file on their local machine and leave another copy on the cloud. Though users can access the files on Cloud through Microsoft ID, but it is not well managed in comparison to Dropbox or Google Drive.


The Publisher is a publishing tool and is useful for the users who want to use advanced layout for their documents. These documents can then be used in Microsoft Word.


Skype is an app, which can be used for audio and video calling. Along with this, users can also send messages, files, and share screen with other users. This is a modern communication program and an Office 365 subscriber can also use its business edition.


Microsoft Access is the database software in which user scan store data by creating a database and then creating tables. The application is good for desktop but not on mobile and web.

Features of Office 365

Apart from the application in the suite, another thing that is added in the suite is artificial intelligence. OneDrive lets the user suggest about the other users who want to access his files. Another thing that is being tested is the development of user ribbon though which users can create their own ribbon. The company will also improve the performance of the suite in mobiles and the web. Microsoft has struggled much to include Cloud services in Microsoft Office 365 but now it has been integrated and users can use it successfully.

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