Top 10 Alternatives to Freshbooks Online Invoicing Software

Freshbooks alternatives

Online invoicing tools have become a buzz around the global business market. From small businesses to world-renowned brands, everyone is using invoicing software to track expenses, manage invoices, and perform other accounting tasks in a matter of a few clicks.

With tons of options available on the market, it becomes quite difficult to choose the ideal one. If you are running a small business and want to powerful and fully-featured invoicing software, this blog post is for you.

Here are the top 10 most promising alternatives to freshbooks for online invoicing software that will make it easy for you to manage your financial activities and take your business to a higher level.

Here is the list of Most Promising Alternatives to Freshbooks Online Invoicing Software

1. Quickbooks

  • Quickbooks is the unique online invoicing software that makes it easy for business owners and accountants to manage their invoices.
  • This is a very useful accounting solution created for business growth.
  • From tracking inventory to managing invoices, creating customized reports to safe and secure payment options, the software comes with tons of features for the smooth running of your businesses.

2. Freshbooks

  • Freshbooks is a very intelligent online invoicing software. It is one of the most powerful tools designed for all sizes and types of businesses.
  • This software is very fast, secure & easy to use.
  • They have great features like a reminder to collecting payments from clients, business on autopilot, creating and managing invoices, and spend more time to boost your business in a few clicks.
  • You can connect it with leading industry apps like Shopify, Fundbox, Stripe, G Suite, etc.

3. Zoho Invoice

  • Zoho is a cloud online invoicing software for all types of businesses.
  • They build a solid relationship with clients by embedding features such as reminders to collect payments in time.
  • They have very advanced features like online payment acceptance, automated reminders, effortless time management, insightful reports, etc.
  • They have 4 plans, the first plan is free per organization/ year, the second plan is basic which is available for Rs 2,499/year, the third plan is standard that costs at Rs 9,999 per organization/year & the last plan is professional Rs 19, 999.per organization/year.

4. Xero

  • Xero is the leading online invoicing software; this online invoicing software is best for digital accounting history.
  • It is one of the most reliable & secure invoicing web tools that comes with advanced features, such as creating and managing invoices, tracking employees and inventory, multi-currency features, etc.
  • The best part is that you can create a purchase order in minutes.
  • Xero online invoicing software connected with their banks & their bookkeepers & accountant.

5. Wave

  • Wave is one of the most popular online invoicing software tools for freelance accountants & small businesses.
  • They have created personalized invoices, maintain bookkeeping, tracking expenses, & easy to make payments in a secure & faster ways types tasks much easier.
  • It is a free tool that comes with no hidden charges & no set-up fees & includes many great features like unlimited expenses & income tracking, Track sales tax on expenses & incomes & many more.

6. Tipalti

  • Tipalti focuses on accounting & billing functioning for only small businesses,
  • They automate more than 50 % of all global, manual & mass payout operational activities.
  • They have unique features like taking supplier invoices via web portal & mail, match purchased order to receipts & invoices, scheduling batch invoices for payment.
  • This online invoicing software is certified by KPMG, they have an option that lets you choose between more than 120 currency & 6 payment methods.

7.  Zipbooks

  • Zipbooks is one of the best online invoicing software
  • The tool is ideal for small businesses, freelancers, and contractors.
  • They have electronic sending payment options, time tracking feature, Pass-through expenses, professional invoicing, recurring billing, discounting & taxes & many more.
  • This software is free for starters, the second plan costs for $15/month. & last plan is sophisticated that costs $35/month.

8. Sage 50 accounting

  • Sage 50 accounting is one of the leading online invoicing software, this software is fast, secure & easy to manage your money.
  • This online invoicing software has millions of users in the world.
  • The features are available in the tool support multiple currencies, & multiple languages.
  • They have 3 plans: the first plan is pro accounting that costs $50.58/month, the second plan is for premium accounting that costs $ 78.21/month & the last plan is for quantum accounting that costs $ 197.55/month.

9. Sage Intacct

  • Sage Intacct is the number one online invoicing software. The company founded backed in 1999 in the USA with the sole aim to develop feature-rich online tools for the IT sector.
  • They have the best features like tracking time, minimizing errors in financial reports, increasing control over basic margins & costs & many more.
  • They have powerful accounting functions like reporting &dashboards, planning & budgeting, complete core financial, etc.

10. Invoice2Go

  • Invoice2Go is a web app & mobile-first online invoice software, they founded backed in 2002 in Australia.
  • The application can help you create professional invoice templates, time tracking, expense tracking, invoice tracking, payment reminder & many more.
  • They have 4 plans, the first plan is a lite plan that costs $1.49/month, the second plan is standard that costs $4.99/month, the third plan is advanced that costs $9.99/month, & the last plan is unlimited that plan is for $16.99/month.


These are some of the best online invoicing software products that can manage your business and help you run multiple projects without any errors.

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