Best Medication Tracking Apps To Manage Your Pills In 2023

A patient needs to take their medicines on time and as per the proper prescription. It is very important for their health. They also have to be cautious about the potential adverse side effects of drugs. Some patients like chemotherapy have to take multiple medications during their treatment period with some additional medicines to help ease the side effects. And it is often hard to remember which medicines to take at which time and at what amount.

Medication Tracking Apps

Luckily, as there is a large array of healthcare applications to help doctors, a patient can now use a solution called medication tracking software. There are many options available in the market for this which patients can use to keep up with their medication schedule.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best medication-tracking apps available.

Top 10 Medication Tracker Apps In 2023

1. Express Scripts


Express Scripts is both a medication reminder and a pharmacy app. This application will allow you to set reminders for your daily medications as well as you can also order the refills directly from it if you have subscribed to the Express Scripts benefit plan in your health insurance. It will make your job easy in tracking and ordering prescriptions by providing it all from a single platform.

2. MyTherapy

MyTherapy has won many awards as a healthcare and medication tracking application. Apart from tracking your medication schedule, this app also tracks your mood and overall health. They record all the symptoms that are noticed during the initial diagnosis and then offer personalized advice on how to treat them.

You can also save your healthcare-related documents as a virtual record. This enables you to share your medical records from anywhere and at any time directly with your doctor.

3. Medisafe

Medisafe has been ranked the no.1 medication reminder app by pharmacists and physicians. It’s visually elegant and user-friendly and sends you a reminder as per your schedule to take your pills on time.

This medication tracker app will also alert you if you have missed taking a dose along with notifying your caretaker or loved ones. Medisafe is empowered with personalized medication management technology that notifies you about possible drug interactions and also reminds you about the refill prescriptions.

4. Pill Reminder – All in One

With Pill Reminder – All In One application you can easily personalize your schedule by opting for recurring times. For example, you can set it to remind you after every six hours, every week or even every month, and more. It will also alert you about your missed medications and remind you about the refills. You can also use this app to mail your reports directly to your doctor. Pill reminder also offers multiple sharing options.

5. EveryDose

EveryDose is a free application that will offer health information along with its basic duty of reminding you to take your pills on time. It is empowered by an AI that will help you understand the medicines you are taking and will also answer your health-related queries.

You can customize the alerts and reminders in the app. And it also allows you to share your progress with your friends, family, or caretakers.

6. Round Health

If you are looking for a simple, user-friendly app that will just help you remember to take your medications on time then Round Health is the right pick for you. It also allows you to add a time window for when you want to take your medicines or supplements. You can add reminders for it too. The application also enables you to track your medication history to check what pills you have taken and which ones you have missed.

7. Sprout Care

Sprout Care is another all-in-one medication application where you can set reminders, manage medical records and search for health-related information. It also allows you to set customized schedules. Sprout Care offers some in-app tools which you can utilize to track your symptoms and other vitals like blood pressure, blood sugar, temperature, and heart rate.

8. Mango Health

Mango Health helps you track your overall health and daily medications. You can add a customized medication schedule so that it can remind you to take your pills. You can also use this app to record your mood and vitals.

Another great feature in Mango Health that you don’t find easily in other medication tracker apps is drug interaction warning alerts. Whenever you log into your app, it will notify you about the possible side effects of your drugs and supplements.

9. CareClinic

CareClinic is a healthcare management application. If you want your app to do more than just remind you to take medicines, then this is one of the best apps you can consider. Being a healthcare solution, this app will help you track your mood, vitals, symptoms, medications, nutrition, and other physical activities.

It also provides a feature where you can use a health diary to keep track of your health. CareClinic consists of an in-built medication library from where you can search for your supplements. This library also provides you with information on calories and nutrients from the food and drinks database.

10. Pill Reminder

Another medication tracker app on the list is Pill Reminder. This app offers you flexible options to customize your schedule as per your requirements. You will be notified if you forget to take your pills and you will be reminded until you mark the pill in your app as taken. So if you’re forgetful and need some extra due to take your medicines every day then this is just the right application for you.

Final words

A specific medication regimen has nothing to do with the specialized app. The standard mobile features include clocks and alarms which are enough for a person with a basic prescription to remind them of their medications and keep them on track.

On the other hand, patients who have complicated prescriptions and medication schedules need more than just a reminder app. They need an app that allows their caretakers or loved ones to keep track of whether the patient is taking properly prescribed medications or not. It’s an extra safety measure that many apps provide for such patients.

Although we are talking about medication tracking software such an app can do more than just remind patients to take their medicines on time. These apps can also help order medication refills, warn about drug interactions, provide necessary medical information to doctors, and many more. So when you choose the medication app for you, you must consider whether you need such a variety of features to optimize your health or just need it to remind you of your medication schedule.

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